Winter Kisses at Roseford Cafe by Fay Keenan


Winter Kisses at Roseford Café

Hollywood comes to Roseford, as Christmas wishes really do come true…

The sleepy Somerset village of Roseford is the temporary home for the cast and crew of the latest Christmas movie, and there’s an excitement in the air that can’t be ignored. When Lucy Cameron, the owner of Roseford Café, is asked to fulfil a last-minute catering order on set, she can’t believe her luck.

Lucy’s erstwhile teenage crush, Finn Sanderson, is the star of the film, alongside his glamorous co- star, Montana de Santo, with whom he has been linked on and off the screen, and their sprinkle of stardust around the village is intoxicating.

With Christmas approaching and the snow starting to fall, Lucy’s path keeps crossing with Finn’s, and she starts to get to know the man behind the movie star. As her feelings grow, so too do Lucy’s reservations about even considering becoming involved with someone so well-known. And when Lucy becomes the centre of a social media storm, her fears seem to be justified.

Are happy-ever-afters just the preserve of romantic Christmas movies, or could Lucy and Finn star in their very own, real-life festive love story.

Revel in the perfect country Christmas romance from Fay Keenan, just right for all fans of Julie Houston, Cathy Bramley and Holly Martin.

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I’m a massive fan of Christmas romance and this really hit the mark, I mean there’s snow, Christmas markets, mulled wine, as you read it’s like you’re surrounded by Christmas and I could almost see the Christmas lights and tree in my living room as I read.

The romance itself is of course the heart of the story and it’s so lovely, sweet and completely believable and full of chemistry, our leading lady and gentleman, Lucy and Finn are just gorgeous characters, their are old faces that drop in too however don’t worry if you have’nt read any of the previous books it won’t a real difference, this can totally be read as a stand-alone without you feeling like you’re my missing anything.

The story is so engaging , probably the prefect Christmas romance , the descriptions of Roseford are beautiful, you really want to go visit or move there and I can’t wait to go back. This book just made me smile, laugh, feel all gooey inside and made me want to put my Christmas decs up now. Want a heartwarming Christmas romance, then look no further than this magical wintery delight from Fay Keenan.

Thanks to Boldwood Books, Fay Keenan and Rachel’s Random Resources for a free copy in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own and freely given.

About the Author

Fay Keenan is the author of the bestselling Little Willowbury series of novels. She has led writing workshops with Bristol University and has been a visiting speaker in schools. She is a full-time teacher and lives in Somerset.

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