Just Say Yes by Maxine Morrey


Wedding planner Madeline lives in a picture-perfect thatched cottage, in a picture-perfect English country village. There’s only one problem – dream cottages take a lot of work, and with a leaking roof, and not enough money to pay for it, what Maddie needs now is a big wedding to plan.

So she’s delighted when she takes on the wedding of Californian heiress Peyton, to all-round good guy Patrick. She’s less delighted to find out that she’s going to have help – from the admittedly gorgeous, but equally maddening, tall, dark and handsome best man Lorcan.

The wedding is set to take place in a castle in rural Ireland, and so, in no time, Maddie and Lorcan are on their way to Ballalee. Life hasn’t always been easy for Maddie, and work has become her refuge. But soon the warmth and humour of Lorcan’s Irish family and friends start to chip away at Maddie’s walls. And as the big day approaches, it might be time for Maddie to focus less on her clients’ love life and more on her own..

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This isn’t my first read by Maxine Morrey but I find the more I do read her books, the more I love each one. This was my favourite so far, it was just so gorgeous, so delight to read and such a warm and fuzzy feeling it left me with. I adored this so much.

Maddie and Lorcan are great lead characters, I loved their chemistry, even though it has references to the last few years terrible events, I didn’t mind so much ( I’m not really into reading about it usually as I like to escape when I read) and it was to emphasise the issues etc and key to plot etc.

I really loved Maddie, she’s such a great, interesting and heartwarming character, her backstory will intrigue you and pull you in, it did for me. Lorcan is fabulous too, I just loved the slow burn romance between them both, the build up from awkward beginnings to hidden attraction, misunderstandings, I just loved it all.

I really did enjoy this, I love that it managed to wring so many emotions out of me, the emphasis on family and friendship as well as love, it’s just a gorgeous and heartwarming read. I really hope there’s a follow up to this, even if it’s different characters I’d love a cameo from these to see how they are getting on. I’d buy it yesterday.

Thanks to Boldwood Books, Maxine Morrey and Rachel’s Random Resources for a free copy of this wonderful read, for full disclosure I received a free ebook in exchange for an honest and voluntary review. All opinions are my own and freely given

About the Author

Maxine Morrey is a bestselling romantic comedy author with twelve books to her name including #NoFilter and Things Are Looking Up. She lives in Dorset.



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