Salt and Sugar by Rebecca Carvalho


The grandchildren of two rival Brazilian bakeries fall in love despite their families’ feud in this delicious debut rom-com perfect for fans of Nicola Yoon and Gloria Chao.

Trust neither thin-bottomed frying pans nor Molinas.

Lari Ramires has always known this to be true. In Olinda, Brazil, her family’s bakery, Salt, has been at war with the Molinas’ bakery across the street, Sugar, for generations. But Lari’s world turns upside down when her beloved grandmother passes away. On top of that, a big supermarket chain has moved to town, forcing many of the small businesses to close.

Determined to protect her home, Lari does the unthinkable—she works together with Pedro Molina to save both of their bakeries. Lari realizes she might not know Pedro as well as she thought—and she maybe even likes what she learns—but the question remains: Can a Ramires and a Molina truly trust one another?


I really loved the premise of this, enemies to friends to lovers, Romeo and Juliet trope based around small bakeries that are rivals. Lari Ramires and Pedro Molina come from Brazil where Lari’s family runs Salt and Pedro’s family have Sugar. The premise being despite decades of disagreements between their families they have to work together Ito take on the large chain grocery store that’s decimating the town.

This coming of age story touches on issues such as grief, overcoming family expectations, and the affects of large scale capitalism on small businesses and lives. I loved the banter and chemistry of the characters, that it was set outside of the US which is always a delight to read something non-western-white. The writing style and world building is just fantastic.

I really appreciated how the history of rivalry between the families emphasises how resentment and hatred can fester and run out of control and how these are passed from generation to generation. That ending too, it just got me and Iwas in tears, this book was such an emotional read and I loved it, I need more , I really would love more , please ?

Overall a fabulous, beautifully written debut, one which I wholeheartedly recommend.

Thanks to netgalley and Harper360YA for a free copy in return for an honest and voluntary review

About the Author

Rebecca Carvalho is a Recifense writer based in Berkeley, California. She loves crafting stories filled with close-knit neighborhoods, Brazilian food, and telenovela-esque settings. When she is not writing, you can find her with her camera, gaming with her husband, or watching Star Trek for the hundredth time. Rebecca has a bachelor’s degree in English from Lawrence University. Salt and Sugar is her debut novel, and it was inspired by her life in northeastern Brazil.


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