Rainbows over Puddleduck Farm by Della Galton


Don’t dream your life, live your dreams….

Phoebe Dashwood is a passionately committed vet who’s living the dream. She’s about to open her own small animal practice at her grandmother’s animal shelter, Puddleduck Farm in the New Forest.

Phoebe is helped by her two oldest friends. Her best friend Tori is a mix of hard-headed journalist and hopeless romantic, who thinks love will conquer all when she finds the right man!

Then there is Sam, Phoebe’s staunchest ally, whose integrity and selflessness mean he would do anything to make Phoebe happy, no matter what the cost to himself.

Very soon Phoebe discovers that fantasy and reality don’t quite match. An unscrupulous bunny breeder, a poisoned stream, and a complicated attraction all conspire to throw her dreams in a spin.

Events come to a shocking climax at the New Forest Show where Phoebe’s world is turned upside down and she has to make some life changing decisions.

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I so excited to be back at Puddleduck Farm by Della Galton. I absolutely adored Coming Home to Puddleduck Farm and I’m so happy to say I loved this as much as the first, maybe even more. Della Galton with this book has definitely added herself to my list of go to authors for books that fill me with happiness and joy. Cella’s writing is so wonderful, I love her sense of family and community in her books and such a friendly homely vibe, if that makes any sense.

The characters she writes are just so well written, returning to this book feels like meeting up with an old friend and the supporting cast of characters as well, how great these are just confirmed these feeling for me. It’s full of wonderful humour, running jokes throughout the book are brilliant, but I love her tackling of serious issues like water pollution which is high up on most people’s concerns along with climate change, I love it when these are brought into books, it doesn’t make the book overly serious by any means but I like that it shows real people living real lives with the same issues.

I loved the romantic progress, the kinda love triangle (not saying more than this because you have to read for yourself to find out what happens, but I’m so looking forward to the next which I believe the author is currently writing. I love the drama, the tension and emotion, yet still being so warm and uplifting. If you can’t tell I thoroughly recommend this and it’s predecessor, because if you read them like me you’ll become a firm fan and eagerly want more.

Thanks to Della Galton, Boldwood Books and Rachel’s Random Resources for a free e-book in return for an honest and voluntary review, all opinions are my own and freely given.

About the Author

Della Galton is the bestselling author of several romantic comedies set around the Dorset beaches and the beautiful New Forest. Her stories feature strong female friendship, quirky characters and very often the animals she loves.

When she is not writing she enjoys walking her dogs around the beautiful Dorset countryside.

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