The Stone’s Heart

By Jessica Thorne

I was lucky enough to get an Arc of this and it’s predecessor from netgalley (The Queen’s Wing). They are both wonderful books, great reads for YA fantasy, light, great humour and well thought plots. The first book I found far more interesting than the second, but they are both entertaining and fun.( See earlier post )

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The Queen’s Wing

Jessica Thorne

Bel would do anything to spend her days alongside her best friend and childhood sweetheart Shae – training in the art of Vairian combat, hoping to some day live up to the legacy left by the mother she lost as a child. 

But when a mysterious and deadly attack on the capital lands Bel’s father unexpectedly on the throne, her life is forever changed. In order to secure her father’s new empire, Bel is forced to travel to the distant land of Anthaeus to marry its recently widowed ruler, Conleith

For any other young woman the chance to become royalty would be a dream come true, but for Bel, the rigidity of court life is like a prison sentence. And while Conleith is an unexpectedly intriguing – and attractive – puzzle… could she ever love him when it would mean turning her back on her feelings for Shae, her first love and last connection to home? 

Then a brutal assassination attempt nearly takes her life, and Bel learns that there’s more on the line than just her happiness. Is it the same faceless enemy who attacked her homeland and, with dangers around every corner, who in the palace can she trust? 

I loved this so much, from page one I was hooked. I loved Bel so much, at the beginning when she gave into demands and didn’t fight back I didn’t think it sat well with her character but she holds her own and fights in her own way, feisty and stubborn I loved her. Love triangle wasn’t too bad at all as it sorts itself out and isn’t too drawn out like some stories, I loved Shae so much (sigh no spoilers) !!! Cannot wait for the sequel.

I got a free ARC from Netgalley and the publisher for an honest review

Finding Hope at Hillside Farm by Rachael Lucas

I love Rachael Lucas (gushes hugely) I am completely biased and would 100% read her shopping list if she published it ! Her work to me is pure joy and I devour them in one go, they should be prescribed on the NHS. This is a beautiful story about Ella who works with horses with equine therapy but for people and a little girl Hope who needs the horses, I won’t go into detail as don’t like spoilers, but it’s a story about love, hope, letting go of the past and forgiveness. This book is beautiful, all the characters are completely relatable and likeable. The writing is like coming home to an old friend. I just get sad when I finish them as it’ll be ages before another book !

If you like happiness and love something that makes you feel good then read anything by Rachael Lucas

January’s most anticipated releases.

This seems to be an amazing book month and I have so many books on pre-order and via book boxes I just can’t wait. I am listing just a few here but my number one most anticipated read is …..

The King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo.

I love the Grisha series so much and I cannot wait to read Nikolai’s story and see Nina again, I actually have this pre- ordered via Waterstones (signed edition) and also the illumicrate special edition box with limited edition cover and items all approved by Leigh Bardugo This is a definite must buy for all Leigh Bardugo fans and if you haven’t read her books, why not ? You should give them a look and start with the original Grisha trilogy.

The Wicked King by Holly Black

I was lucky enough to get an arc of this and it is absolutely amazing, fans of Holly and The Cruel Prince will not be disappointed. I will be going to see her and Cassandra Clare in Manchester in February I am so excited.

Winter of the Witch by Katherine Arden

The final book in the series and I am so ready to read this, but don’t want it to end but I look forward to her future work. The Bear and the Nightingale was one of my favourite books.

Summoned to the 13th Grave by Darynda Jones

I am so devastated it’s the end of this hilarious, gripping series, I don’t want to say goodbye to the sassy Charley or the HOT Reyes, but I am glad Darynda is ending on a high and can’t wait for a HEA (or there will be tears and tantrums)

A curse so dark and lonely by Brigid Kemmerer

I love a Beauty and the Beast retelling and all reviews so far say this is amazing.

Kingdom of copper by S A Chakraborty

Kingdom of Brass was another book I adored and this release is also one of my most anticipated reads, the world building is just amazing and I cannot wait to dive right back in.

Evermore by Sara Holland

The conclusion to Everless, returning to this amazing authors world is a treat and it’s in my TBR pile as I type.

Just a short post for my first ever blog and I’m new st this so I hope to learn as I go. I will be posting some reviews anc opinions, well let’s face it reviews are opinions, no one is right or wrong and I can love a book and you may think it’s not your cup of tea, neither of us are wrong ! My reviews are basic I just say what I feel and try to be constructive, not negative or personal. The world needs to be a kinder place, so I try to be that way.