Twelve Months and a Day by Louisa Young


Rasmus and Jay, Róisín and Nico – two beautiful, ordinary love stories, cut short by death. Jay and Nico don’t even believe in ghosts, yet they seem to be… still here. Still in love with Rasmus and Roísín. And maddeningly powerless.

Both are incapable of leaving the living alone: Jay plays matchmaker, convinced that Rasmus and Róisín can heal each other; Nico, plagued by jealousy, doesn’t agree.

Rasmus and Róisín are just trying to navigate their newly widowed lives.

But all four of them are thinking the same thing: what is love, after death? What is it for? And what are we to do with it?


I’m not sure I can put into words how I feel about this book, how it made me feel or still is as I am still processing this beautiful and emotional book, it felt so raw at times, so much heartbreak and sadness, but at the same time so much life and hope. I know it sounds mad that a book about two couples losing a partner could be but it really is, it’s life affirming and just so beautiful.

This is my first book by Louisa Young and I love when I find a new author whose work touches your soul and leaves you thinking about their work days and weeks later. Her writing is simply art, it’s stunning and I am now the proud owner of Young’s back catalogue of books to read, absorb and treasure.

I loved the songs, the emails, the romance and heartbreak, that I enjoyed being emotionally torn apart and slowly put back together must say something about me, but I’d happily suffer again (and will definitely be doing a re-read in future) The fact that this book taught me things too is a fantastic bonus, this book is so full of honest representation, so many observations that make you think and question and that’s another thing that makes Young such a great storyteller.

I read someone else saying this was a melancholy read, whilst I cannot disagree that’s it’s emotional, there is so much more to this than a melancholy romance, this is about love, life , loss, about moving on and not , it’s about finding life in that loss and reasons to live. I said it earlier but this is definitely a life affirming beautiful story and you will only benefit from adding this story to your life.

Thanks to Anne @Randomthingstours, @louisalouisayoung, @rileypurefoy @fictionpubteam for a free copy in return for an honest opinion, all thoughts and opinions are my own and freely given.

About the Author

Louisa Young is a writer and songwriter whose twelve novels include the award-winning ‘My Dear I Wanted to Tell You’ trilogy. She’s half of the children’s author Zizou Corder (with her daughter Isabel Adomakoh Young), and half of the band Birds of Britain (with Alex Mackenzie). She’s a Londoner, a former journalist, a singer, a feminist, a reader, and ‘a masterly storyteller’ –  The Washington Post.

Her latest novel, Twelve Months And A Day, is published by Borough Press in June 2022. ‘A tale of two love stories with a supernatural twist, Twelve Months and a Day is poignant and sad as well as funny, and beautifully written and imagined. What if our beloveds lived on as ghosts and watched us grieve, what if they never really leave us, and what if some of these ghosts even meet?’ — Monique Roffey.

Her ‘beautiful’, ‘heartbreaking’. spectacular’, ‘unflinching’, ‘bruising’, ‘brilliant’, ‘honest as the morning after’ memoir, You Left Early: A True Story of Love and Alcohol, is out in paperback. She released her debut album, You Left Early, also about love, death and addiction, in 2018.

Louisa has taught at Arvon, Skyros, Moniack Mhor, at Guardian Masterclasses, and for Birkbeck (University of London). She has been a Visiting Specialist Lecturer in Creative Non Fiction at the University of Kent at Canterbury.


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