Finding Love at Roseford Blooms by Fay Keenan


After a rough year, the last place Lizzie Warner wants to be is Roseford. It may be a picture-postcard country idyll, but for Lizzie it will always hold difficult memories from her past. But when the alternative to staying with her Aunt Bee, owner of Roseford Blooms, is moving back in with her controlling parents – well, the choice is easy.

Simon Treloar was born and raised to be the Lord of the Manor, but now he’s had to hand over his beloved Roseford Hall to a heritage charity, he begins to question his usefulness. Can he find a way to make his mark, or is it better to walk away from generations of history and strike out on his own?

When Lizzie and Simon meet, they recognise kindred spirits in each other. But with both questioning their futures, can one magical summer in Roseford help Lizzie and Simon move on from what is holding them back? Or is there too much history on both sides for them ever truly to be happy together?

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Finding Love at Roseford Blooms is the third book in the Roseford series, these can be read as stand-alone stories and you won’t be lost, but I love the cameos of previous characters and seeing how they get on eve n if just a page or two, so I always love reading the full series and why would I want to miss out on any of Fay’s books !

We return to Roseford and find Lizzie, jobless (but not penniless) a bit lost, a broken heart and has just had an accident too , her options controlling parents or moving in with Aunt Bee and her flower shop, I know which I’d choose and Lizzie does too, sadly Roseford holds difficult memories for Lizzie. Then we have Simon, Lord of the manor (former) who had to hand his estate to a heritage trust to save it, also questioning his future.

I loved Lizzie and Bee’s relationship together, she definitely makes up for Lizzie’s parents, the characters and relationships in this are wonderful, so well constructed and I just love watching them grow. I loved seeing Simon and Lizzie go from friendship to more over the story and both trying to figure out their futures and if that’s in Roseford.

Fay’s stories are always a delight to read, I enjoy the rural settings, easier pace of life, the community feel and the sensitively handled look at issues and concerns. Fay is a natural storyteller and I can’t help but devour her books in one sitting. If you’re looking for heartwarming and happy, then look no further as this book and series won’t let you down.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

About the Author

Fay Keenan is the author of the bestselling Little Willowbury series of novels. She has led writing workshops with Bristol University and has been a visiting speaker in schools. She is a full-time teacher and lives in Somerset.

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